Wild Stripes “Genoa” Skull Cap

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Great quality NZ made 100% polypropylene single layer skull cap.

This is a simple single layer skull cap in our stretchy comfy 100% polypropylene. These go great under helmets… cycle, motorbike, climbing, paddling, horse riding… whatever you’re into and they weigh a barely noticeable 20g so are perfect to shove in a pocket!

We do recommend though, if you want something a bit more substantial and wind proof you try one of our beanies but these are great if you just need a little extra layer.

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Colour Story

Genoa – Navy and White Stripes

We make no apology or pretence: The inspiration for this stripe was a picture we found on the Internet. If only we could have a life like the girl in the pic. One day, one day… But til then we can at least now wear long johns like hers! This is a very dark navy and white stripe with contrasting white. Don’t worry about it showing any grubbiness, polypropylene is incredibly stain resistant. Do your worst and it will wash clean white again!

Garment Care

Despite being made from what is known in the rag trade as a ‘technical fabric’, Wild Stripes® Base Layers are very easy to care for being much more durable and hard wearing than even the best quality merino (and a lot cheaper!) even though in our view they are just as warm, cosy and comfortable.

Your polyprops can easily be washed at a low temperature to save energy, although we do recommend that you wash your Wild Stripes® Base Layers occasionally on a hot 90º wash to keep them extra fresh (we suggest you stick them in with your towels every now and again!). Oh, and you don’t need to use fabric conditioner!

As polypropylene is hydrophobic and cannot retain moisture they come out the machine very nearly dry so just hang them up for a little while to air and they will dry off quickly.

Please never tumble dry, iron or dry clean your Wild Stripes® Base Layers as they are made from a kind of plastic and will melt, bobble or go crispy with dry heat… and we really don’t want that!


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