Epic Summer 2015 – Autumn Shutdown

I have to say guys, I’ve had some great use out of my Stripes this summer….

Back in June I was the first woman ever to take part in the Jester Challenge, sailing my 22 foot sail boat single handed from Plymouth to Baltimore (in Ireland, not Maryland ;o). Bit of a kerfuffle near the end where, in tricky conditions I accidentally put out a distress call on my SPOT tracker as I closed the Cork coast and was towed into Courtmacsherry by the RNLI. You can see one of the press reports here. It was pretty disconcerting to arrive in Ireland to the flash of cameras I can tell you, but of course I am very grateful to the RNLI. I did then make it on round Fastnet Rock and into Baltimore successfully completing my challenge, so all’s well that ends well. I was alone at sea for 4 nights, and boy was I glad of my Stripes!

In less dramatic times, here’s a little video I took during one of my preparation passages, early one morning off Start Point after another night at sea:

So, on to my next challenge: I’ve now left Bristol and have bought a run down cottage in the West of Ireland, and as Wild Stripes is what they call a “home based micro business”, the plan is obviously to take it all with me. However, I haven’t yet worked out the final details of this as there are a good few ways we can operate. Also, the cottage needs some pretty serious work to make it habitable for me, let alone Wild Stripes, so I need to shut the website shop down for 8 weeks to concentrate on that while the fine Irish weather is as good as it can be (though we of course all know there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing!)

I have turned off the shop functionality so we can’t take any orders but I have left it so you can still see all our products and info.  But, we’ll be back up trading online fully by the 5th October, and I plan on doing some shows in Ireland this coming winter.

Until then, have a great end to the summer!
But of course, stay safe.