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Comments from some satisfied customers:

“I bought Wild Stripes for my son who lives in the French Alps.. The service we received was incredible, including a phone call to France to confirm the style he would like! I can’t fault the service or the product….my son loves all the things we bought him….I expect more will be bought soon!”

“These are great for our campervan especially in UK winters! Try them!” Trish

“I have used “ordinary” drab base layers for a number of years. However, I now own a set of Sweetshop, Menace, Cammo and an Ahoy There beanie too. They are warm and comfy to wear at all times. Long lasting too! I would never want to go back to the old base layers.”  SFM.

“I bought some long johns for the bitter winter, but my top half became disproportionately cool, so I had to buy a crew too. I walk around my icy student flat dressed head to toe in stripes, and out in the mountains they perform like they should, as solid thermals. “ L.P

“Have worn them consistently throughout the long winter to keep cosy and warm “ JJT

“I have a lovely Wild Stripes beanie. It goes with loads of my clothes, keeps my head toasty & my hair under control!” ILH

“These are wonderful .So comfortable ,colourful and effective Good price too and wash well What more can you say! Does what you expect but with style” AC

“People complain of the cold, especially lately, but they say there’s no such thing as bad weather – just wrong clothes. Thermals have a rather dated image – but not these. I am so pleased with mine. I initially thought they seemed a bit expensive but when you weigh up the feel of good quality, stylishness and the practicality of the material they are a good investment for many seasons to come. Most importantly, they are a pleasure to wear and so, so and cosy.” Heather – no longer shivering in Somerset!

“I get a lot of kit sent in for review, but some kit keeps getting used again and again long after the write-up because it works so well. Wild Stripes is one of those.” PTC

“My new base layers will take me to the top of Cotopaxi, but meanwhile they are being trained up, with me, on freezing walks at night on Dartmoor – toasty.” Liz R

“Bought a long sleeve top for my wife as a present (Yes thermals I know I am a romantic). She has been wearing merino but now prefers her stripes and has since bought another colour “ Peter Winchester

“My base layers have been worn most of the past winter and spring while walking my dogs. They keep me warm without me having to wear thick clothes and because the top looks good I can always just wear that if I get too hot. Brilliant !” Loop

“If in doubt don’t worry, they are superb and the best thing on the market. Warmth is their middle name, so comfortable and wash really well. Don’t hestitate.” Clare from Wiltshire

“I own a long sleeved top. When I caught sight of it I originally though it was a T shirt. I was impressed to find it was a thermal top which doesn’t stop me from wearing it as just a T shirt. The things I like best are the length of sleeve and body, meaning I do not have to keep pulling them down to stay covered up, they DO NOT itch my extremely sensitive skin and they are warm and cosy.”

“Bought a set of ‘Menace’ for my boisterous 4 year old grandson for Christmas. He wore them night and day during the coldest weather and was very reluctant to take them off! Good job they are quick and easy to wash.” Granny Saunders

“Just love the quality – variety – and ease of wearing. Warm trendy and not itchy. As a PE teacher I wear it every day! “ H.O.

Since discovering Wild Stripes I have to confess I’ve become rather addicted to them! While they keep you warm they are mostly very cosy and comfortable and a lot of fun” ~ from S.L. a stripey fan in Wales, UK

“Fantastic stripes. I love them.” RP

“The doggies doo dahs of the thermal world! I’m in stripey heaven when i wear mine.” Sara :-)

We love them for outdoor activities in winter, like bird ringing and star gazing. Also they add comfort for general activities in the cold weather.”

“Bright and different :)“ Willow

“Get Wild Stripes and relive the 70s – the funkiest stripiest decade in living memory!” Steve C, Geneva

“While walking my dogs on a very cold beach I came across a Wild Stripes photoshoot (two women pegging out clothes on a makeshift washing-line) so I just had to investigate. Several orders later I have never been disappointed with the either the goods or the service, and my dog walking is a much warmer affair.”

“Thought I would try your base layers as they were on sale, but in fact I would now be happy to pay the full price! They are the most comfortable long johns I have found, and the great patterns don’t cause any rude comments in the changing room, unlike old-fashioned ones” from MW (Coolguy)

“I bought my wild stripe long johns and long sleeved vest at the Dartmouth Regatta. I have worn them all winter and hate washing them because I feel wretchedly cold without them. Fortunately they dry really quickly. I’m really happy I bought them” All the best Gill Martin (Dorset)

“Have just taken my neck gaiter walking in the snowy Peak District. It kept me cosy despite the icy winds, was really comfortable to wear and dried quickly. A pleasure to wear and, despite ongoing use over the last few months, it still keeps its shape and appearance. Well worth buying.” Fiona L

“Continue to wear and recommend all your products because they are exactly what they need to be, warm, lightweight, tough and as a bonus they make me smile every time I put them on.” Daisy

“Great value and different! Handy to identify thermals from other children’s too!!”

Funky colours, wash brilliantly, comfy and very, very cosy.” Debby , Oreston

“The beanie is brilliant. Really great ‘active’ headwear which regulates my temperature really well: keeping my head warm (but not hot) over a wide range of temperatures. And of course it looks great as well :)” Rod

“Good website. Looks great.” G. S-E

“Wild Stripes look and feel so good they could be worn with NOTHING over them. Too nice to be hidden away!”

“Warm and comfortable, what more do you want?” LJ

“Love the warmth, fit and functionality; great for Scottish Winter – plus looking different has never felt so warm!” Rob C

“The best thermals I have bought ~ like wearing sexy underwear that no one knows you’re wearing!” Alce

“I bought wild stripes leggings for my daughter as a Xmas present as she helps her boyfriend on the family farm on Dartmoor she says they are fantastically warm and now has a top to match” JE

“I wear my wild stripes while walking my dogs, they keep me warm & cosy and that means I don’t need to wear thick jumpers & outerwear. Added bonus as the top is so cool I can get away with just wearing that if I get too hot!”

I love my running base layer (I might get the chance to wear it as outer layer if the weather warms up!) I wear it all the time, not just for running, one of my best buys!” K. Ibson-O’brien

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“As an avid, almost obsessive, winter enthusiast, ski-ing/walking/climbing and wild-camping in the Scottish Highlands year round, I own several base-layers, including merino wool, but since acquiring my first Wild Stripes top a year or two ago, I’ve since bought more, as well as a couple of pairs of long-johns and they have become (almost subconsciously) my “go to” option – I don’t even think about the other stuff any more..warm, comfortable, effective, robust, quick-drying, non-whiffy and cool as..!  What more do you want?!”   Keith, Newcastle

My stripes are comfy to wear, lovely and warm and easy to wash. Perfect!” Peta, Brighton

“As someone who lives with disability and finds keeping warm a bit of a conundrum your thermals have been thrilling as I keep warm without looking like an animated duvet. Friends now rave about them too and my neurologist even went off and bought a set after I wore them under a dress for an appointment during our glorious summer.  Thanks again for a brilliant product” Daisy-Winifred, Wales

“Just to say thank you, my stripes arrived first thing this morning.  Love them and the new colour is a gorgeous as I thought it would be :0)” 

“These really are the bees knees, kept our boys toasty warm on Pilsbury castle at the weekend. Can’t wait to test drive them in the snow!!! “  Nikki, Derbyshire

“I can’t believe my order placed yesterday about 4.00p.m. has arrived this morning!  Fantastic service & so good as I can give them to my son, head greenkeeper on a golf course, for his birthday on Sunday.  I just love my set, so cosy.  Great for riding on Dartmoor too!”   Jenny, Devon

“Over the snowy Christmas holidays I wore my Wild Stripes thermals for four days running:  around the house, a spot of gardening, shopping in town and dog walking in the park.  Best of all, they were really appreciated on long country ramble ending along the seafront as the sun went down.  They are are light and warm and do not look bulky under outdoor clothing, but are still fun and attractive if you want to be seen in them!  I can’t take mine off!” Jennie, Norfolk

They’re amazing and I’ve really noticed the difference wearing them in the cold weather”    Steve, RSPB Fundraiser

“Funky colours, really cosy and look great on (for thermals!!) – what’s not to love about them?! Love that they’re high waisted and long in the body – what’s the point of having clothing designed to keep you warm if there’s a gaping gap between where they meet…? (I’ve had this happen, my lower back objected very much!). They also dry uber quickly too – which is a bonus if you’re a little disorganised (like me) and decide last minute you really need them for the next day… Oh, and did I mention they’re super snuggly? In the home, on walks, even under skinny jeans on nights out – perfect!”    Nadia, Bristol

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