6 Fab Reasons to Wear Wild Stripes

  1. They will keep you warm and snug:  Polypropylene base layers should be worn directly against the skin because they have an insulating power higher than any other fibre or fabric.  They protect from extremes in temperature by trapping a layer of air next to your skin to maintain body temperature at a constant level.
  2. They will keep you dry and cosy:  Perspiration on the skin causes that ‘clammy’ cold feeling. As polypropylene base layers are non-absorbent they transfers perspiration away from the skin to the outer surface of the garment, where it either evaporates or is absorbed into outer clothing layers.  This excellent wicking (moisture transfer) characteristic keeps the body warm and dry.
  3. They are kind to your skin:  Polypropylene is totally chemically neutral.  It is non-allergenic, antibacterial and odour free.  Our base layers are non-itchy and can be safely worn by people with sensitive skin.
  4. They are lightweight yet tough:  Our polypropylene thermals are made from the lightest fibre known to man (31% lighter than wool and 40% lighter than cotton!) which gives the garments bulk without weight.  Our polypropylene base layers are very hardwearing and have outstanding abrasion resistance.
  5. They are easy care and very quick drying:  Polypropylene’s resistance to moisture and sunlight also make it colourfast and resistant to stains.  Our base layers are machine washable in warm or hot water, will never run, and are very quick drying (in 20% of the time needed for a woollen garment!).
  6. They are environmentally friendly and ethically made:  No harmful substances are incorporated in polypropylene’s chemical structure.  The yarn we use is spun under the highest environmental standards and then knitted and made into our thermal base layers by a small company in New Zealand.  We are very careful about the packaging we use and take our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact very seriously.  Oh, and polypropylene is also suitable for vegans!

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